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Cypress Hill - Till Death Do Us Part - text písně

Texty písní » Cypress Hill - Till Death Do Us Part

Cypress Hill - stát se fanouškem

Till death do us part

How many times have we been thru this
I can tell you that it's getting harder everytime I try to resist
We go way back and you held me down
Helped my feet moving on the ground
No matter what situation ocasion
You were amazing, you knew just what it took to keep dough up blazing (?)
I kept you by me, but when we seperated I was thinkin foolishly
Remember when your Ex-Boy tried to bug on me
I told to bring it on and (?) on me
He didn't like that but didn't want the fight
Fuck 'im, he didn't know how to treat you right
We go hand in hand they don't understand a man
But you do and I really respect that, damn
We been down so long but it's all good
That's why I dedicate this song

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Till Death Do Us Part
I do

[Verse Two: B-Real]
Who would have thought it would last so long
So many new ones think that they can't go wrong
I know I make so many mistakes
I know you felt neglected, you caught me outta line
If you thought I didn't respect it - I heard ya
But I never showed an emotion
If I haven't ever said it, you got on my devotion
When I fell hard you picked me up
Maybe think about my life where I'm going a little tricky – Huh?
I know there were time where you thought I would change
But I'm the same motherfucking brother even in spite of the fame
There might be some times we don't agree on some
But don't never feel your thoughts don't mean nothing
Some have tried to steal (?), I'm not one of those people
Always tell it like it is, cuz the (?) but don't get mad
When truth is leaving I'm only telling you cuz I got your back


[Verse Threee: B-Real]
You got my mind right and I don't know how you did it
When I trip not too many who can put with it
But you still there, still care so well - oh yeah
Got so much love (?)
I appreaciate what you're doing for me
I had to open up my eyes so I can see the minutes we lost
Whenever I was out on tour (?) we could make it up like never before
You want all the little things that make it work it
Why not, we can get it, we both deserve it
It's hard but (?) good, it's ever so easy
We have a bond that wont break, no mistake, believe me
Till Death Do Us Part, like I said from the start
You're the light that guides me thru when I'm in the dark
They said we'd neverlast but we're still strong
That's why I dedicate this song - C'mon

[Chorus] – 4X

{*sound of someone blowing out a candle*}

I do
I do

{*music fades*}

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