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Curren$y - Full Metal - text písně

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Curren$y - stát se fanouškem

Album: Covert Coup

I call my brother Sun cause he shine like
Noon time
my last on the turnpike
Maneuvering minds GT5 My nerves is ice
And I wouldn't change none of it at hind sight
Believe this
cause if I wouldn't have been
That then I wouldn't be this
inspiration for niggas
Who out there chasing that paper
walkin the walk, and running over them haters
outlining the chalk, the conversation is deaded
Cause I'm living
For the loot n you wasn't talkin no bread biiitch
Cake all layerish, playa all himalayerish
Got the 420 vision
Rollin doobies up, rollin doobies up
Up in the incision
my rocket furnishes
Projection screens built in my ceilings
I spit the picture so vivid because I'm really livin
this jet life, tennis shoes n tuxedos
them other fools ain't fly, they fuckin mosquitoes
Don't work, they just cryin, whinin
Fuckin pinot grigio
you need to get on your grind
stack a stack of dead people
That concussive presidential time
For that cash I brung a clean tag, this is mine
Fuck you doin with that..dough
Az holdin the baby, peepin the whole scene
I'm bout to blow
You know

Přidal: semir11 dne 13. 05. 2011 v 17:56.
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