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Clawfinger - Recipe For Hate - text písně

Texty písní » Clawfinger - Recipe For Hate

Clawfinger - stát se fanouškem

first of all I make sure I've got the right ingredients before I heat up the pan
I take a little bit of bitterness to grease it up & keep everything close at hand
then I add a few ounces of fresh frustration and half a cup of attitude
A rush of adrenaline to spice things up & then half a spoon of bad mood
one bottle of my sweat one bottle of tears, a few drops of my own blood
it all blends together like a cat and dog and the result is as clear as mud
I pick the worst situation out of the bunch & throw it right into the mix
& last but not least I add a little bit of spit, just a few little nasty cliques

That's my recipe for hate

I turn up the heat to 400 degrees and go to work on the attitude
I shake it all up in a provocative way to make sure it comes out rude
Then I grind down the frustration hard so that all of the scents can blend
I pour the sweat on top & then the tears to make sure that I don't make friends
when the mood is wrong, everything is right, I can add the adrenaline
but I've got to be careful with the dose I use, the effect shouldn't wear to thin
the blood comes last cos' it always has a tendancy to cool and coagulate
so I calculate and make no mistakes, it's so fresh that it still pulsates

That's my recipe for hate......

When the meal is done you get a spoiled appetite & a dish full of disagree
some ignorance on the side, a plate full of hate, served with a fistful of me

Přidal: Larius dne 07. 03. 2006 v 16:16.
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