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Clawfinger - Do What I Say - text písně

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Clawfinger - stát se fanouškem

Do What I Say

Don't to this don't do that
Don't you ever talk back
Don't speak with food in your mouth
Just keep quiet while the grown ups are talking
I'm not being mean I'm just being fair
It's just because I really care
You know that I love you
But shut your mouth you just have to do what I say
I don't want you to lie
You're much too old to cry
You're just to young to know
But when you're older you'll understand
You are mine I own you
Look at me I'm talking to you
Don't use that tone to me
So shut your mouth you just have to do what I say

When I grow up there will be a day
When everybody has to do what I say
When I grow up there will be a day
When everybody has to do it my way

I've paid to raise you good
Done everything I could so don't you dare to say
That I ever cared about you anyway
I gave you good food to eat
I kept you on your feet
I gave you all my good advice
Not once did I hear you thank me for all that I've done
You don't know anything
About my suffering
I went through a lot of pain
Just to get you where you are today
If I ever hit you
It's because I have to
You have done something wrong
And you deserve the punishment, you'll have to pay


Don't ask me why not
Be glad with what you've got
Don't tell me you're alone
You should be glad that you have a home
Just look me in the eyes
You have to realize
I make the rules that's it
It's for your own good so you have to do what I say


Přidal: Larius dne 08. 08. 2005 v 08:59.
Počet zobrazení: 438 (0).

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