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Citizen Fish - stát se fanouškem

360 degrees later and circling around discarded slogan piles, everyone had a better idea; let's work together for change/for a change. But the R word had to go. Too much of a buzzword, it sells almost anything you need (although good causes may settle in transit, and the actual product may appear different than advertised.) Revolution pictures a solid, a whole packaged event that addresses everything at once. The reality is that all change is gradual and a build-up of individual/localized/spontaneous actions and reactions, plenty of things happen overnight, but not all at once, and not nicely or cleverly coordinated by any one person or set of principles. Anyone talking of "mass movements" is using the language of after-the-fact historians, who have the luxury of compressing hundreds of revo-bellious moments into that one phrase; and anyone claiming that their set of ideals is THE way to revolutionize your life: is working out soundbites.

When the people's revolution is the stuff of science fiction, then the sense of evolution is deranged into thinking your solution is the easy contradiction to the way you had the problem re-arranged. No, I don't think so. Which is obvious to me, but can't you blinkered visionaries all comprehend how unrealistic it must be to alter all the problems until the facts are all forgotten and solutions blow out on the morning breeze? No, I don' t think so. Where's your revolution now? When will you come to realize the more you tend to theorize the actuality of life recedes? And the daily devastation - maybe daily revelation - is forgotten in the future you conceive. So any people's revolution is not down to your conclusions concerning how we change to suit your needs. For if everyone is what they are, then change can only go as far as people want to change their destiny. No, I don't think so. Where's your revolution now?

Přidal: Ondra dne 03. 06. 2006 v 22:54.
Počet zobrazení: 94 (0).

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