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Chumbawamba - Walking Into Battle With The Lord - text písně

Texty písní » Chumbawamba - Walking Into Battle With The Lord

Chumbawamba - stát se fanouškem

Walking into Battle with the Lord

A new crusade to the Holy Land
An army of men under my command
Fight the good fight here at home
Send those men to kingdom come
Take my aim with a higher will
Trust my Lord to hold me still
Say 'amen' and shoot to kill
Walking into battle with the Lord
With open arms on Judgement Day
Teach the children how to pray
Faithful, blind, we all believe
I was taught by Adam but I blame it on Eve
All my words in kindness came
Your souls in mercy to reclaim
Cleanse this world of sin and shame
Walking into battle with the Lord
Holy Father, Mother Tongue
Manna from heaven, right from wrong
Take my place on the witness stand
Trigger fingers, praying hands
When two men meet on the field of war
They both ask 'what are we fighting for?'
And haven't we heard this all before?
Walking into battle with the Lord

Přidal: dne 19. 11. 2005 v 09:26.
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