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Camouflage - Spacetrain - text písně

Texty písní » Camouflage - Spacetrain

Camouflage - stát se fanouškem

(Ladies and Gentlemen, we
would not like to welcome you
on board our Spacetrain on its
non-stop flight to the end of
this album. Now that you're here,
Please don't fasten your
seatbelts and refrain from listening to
anything else other than the music. In case
of an emergency just light a cigar and relax
in a comfortable position. Have a pleasant
trip and thank you for flying
Mendoza Airways!)

Keep on running - we keep on running
Now you heard or news, and
we keep on running -
we keep on running
someone blew the fuse, but
we keep on running -
we keep on running.

We're riding on,
inside our spacetrain
we will never reach the end
We know the way
we're not insane at all
Don't be afraid, my friends.

Keep on running -
we keep on running.

We made someone's heaven come,
keep on running -
we keep on running.
Chewing surrealistic gum
keep on running -
we keep on running.

Přidal: simír dne 05. 03. 2006 v 12:04.
Počet zobrazení: 150 (0).

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