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Camouflage - Falling - text písně

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Camouflage - stát se fanouškem

You take a deep gulp,
waiting for the fog in your mind
and you know,
that you better change something.

Reality starts to fade,
but it'll last just for a while.
You know that you're falling,
lost again.
You feel that you're falling,
hitting the ground.

Your knees start to shake,
when you think of what you'll do
and there's no return.
They trained everyone,
but the thought about the jump,
leaves cold sweat on your skin.

You know you'll be falling,
once you are off the plane,
you know you'll be falling,

So many people,
but there's no one giving you a helping hand.
You climb higher and higher
to the top of your wrecked life.
And then you'll be falling,
once again.
You feel that you're falling,
hitting the ground.

You sit side by side,
with fear in your eyes
waiting for the green light.
The moment has come,
then you struggle up and jump,
with the rip cord in your hand.

You feel that you're falling,
the dream of a lifetime comes true.
You feel that you're falling
and hope it never ends.

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