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Brian May - Nothin´ But Blue - text písně

Texty písní » Brian May - Nothin´ But Blue

Brian May - stát se fanouškem

I look at your picture
I'm nothing but blue
I'm hearing you whisper
The way you used to do
And I can't stop wondering
Just how things might have been
No I'm nothin' but blue

My life has no rhythm
Somehow it's out of tune
I keep trying to tell them
We'll be seeing them soon
But the truth keeps rushing back
Guess you know what I mean...
No I'm nothin' but blue

No use in crying - that ain't what you would do - no
Living or dying - we'll just keep on fighting through

No I can't stop my wondering
'Bout all those things that might have been
No I'm nothin' but blue
Nothin' but blue

Přidal: helena dne 29. 10. 2007 v 10:39.
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