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Breaklose - A Sorry Lullaby - text písně

Texty písní » Breaklose - A Sorry Lullaby

Breaklose - stát se fanouškem

listen to my crackly voice, its been secluded for too long
chewing black nettle, triffled with your thoughts, i belong

to this endless sorry lullaby
homeless, homesick and handcuffed
im praying for a way to get by
with my frozen for its stuffed

a glance at your conscious as it fades out, walks out on me
while mine keeps lurking in the shade of yawns you set free

and on i sing this sorry lullaby
apologies and regrets
i ask myself - 'are you still nearby?'
you said 'she deserves what she gets'

forgive me, i feel contemptuous
towards you and myself
i cant take the bare truth
as i am casting you adrift

unique opportunities ruined by my logic you broke
im confused but its too late, mental block killed my true bloke

to you i sing this sorry lullaby
ive sowed the seeds of this harvest
asleep you are, youll never know why
ive never been fucking honest

sleep tight
you were right
sleep tight
you wont notice i cry
you were right
listen to my sorry lullaby
sleep tight
you wont notice i cry
you were right

Přidal: ema dne 15. 03. 2006 v 21:05.
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