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Black Pearl - Upcoming Day - text písně

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Black Pearl - stát se fanouškem

Morning enters to your room
To take your sleep away
And you have nothing
To pretend against the rules.
Starts your daily racing
Through the squares, roads and streets,
They follow you, you follow them,
It's every day the same…

But you feel so cold,
In this frozen world.
Wait for the end of long day time.
You wait for time…

When day is gone and night falls down,
On streets of non-existing town,
To heart of non-existing world,
Emotions 're getting overload.
My walls are crumbling n' fall,
I can't resist, I lose control,
My dream is taking me away
And carrying to another day — upcoming day.

Quiet time has disappeared,
This all repeats again
And same old circle's calling you
To throw then away.
Starts your daily racing,
Daily struggle on daily way,
You play the game with the only hope
To escape someday

Upcoming day will rise,
Wake up and realize.
Just hail the new born day,
No matter what they say!
Upcoming day is yours,
You'll see opening doors.
Just thank for new born day,
It is the only way.
No matter what they say!

Přidal: dne 08. 10. 2006 v 16:52.
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