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Black Pearl - No Place To Hide (no Way To Go) - text písně

Texty písní » Black Pearl - No Place To Hide (no Way To Go)

Black Pearl - stát se fanouškem

Burning ocean of my dream
And echo of my own scream.
Burning guilty of my eyes
And the promises that die!
I hear the dirt of human words,
I hear the spin of all their chords.
My heart is weak, but hands are strong
To correct all things that've gone so wrong.

Some people tell me what to do,
Some people try to stab me through.
My body waits until the day,
When I find the better way.
No place to hide, no way to go
Out of the land where cold winds blow.
I scream to nowhere from the edge,
Edge of abyss I try to change…

And another day will rise,
Just another frame with lies,
Just another smile of stone,
Kind of emptiness I own.
My heart is deaf, my soul is blind,
My merry-go-round falls to the ground.
Another step to cross the line
And the high floor of my dream's so fine!

My life is running fast,
I live it all alone.
Just me and world bad to the bone.
My life is running fast,
But I trust even though
There is no place to hide,
No way to go…

[Some people tell me what to do…]
[Some people try to stab me through…]
[Some people tell me] what to do
But I'm trying to get it through!

Přidal: dne 08. 10. 2006 v 16:46.
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