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Betzefer - 6’s & 7’s - text písně

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Betzefer - stát se fanouškem


I blame all of you fucks
For taking the light and hope
From people I met
Who did all they could
But all they got was 6's & 7's in time
Cause the was lost
Long before they even thought about waging,
And all of you crook suits ever worry
About is your own wealth
It's been turning on you recently
"It's hard though..." I get it

And I indemnify
All the hard day lives of everyone sane
I'm doing all I can yet
All I'm ever sceaming for is hell
It's been turning on me recently
- Giving it up for the end...

Cause every weakness
Will turn in to last
And I'll keep on safely on mine...

(Too late...) Spilled my guts
Covered the floor with stuff you
Wouldn't be stepping
In but you all know what?
There's a trick you can pick up to standing in line
It's called respect
Have you ever even looked around lately?
Keep it cool and know it's never ever too late
It's been turning on you recently
Give it up for the end...

Hold on to the front lines
They won't dictate to you

When every weakness
Will turn in to last
And I'll keep on safely on mine...

All of the windows
Are all shut in too tight
And I keep on safely on my...
And rest assure now that I won't fail

New lines sung now for better days
Dreading me wild

Oh now I must get away
Burn me inside
Burn me now
Burn me inside!

Přidal: Ondra dne 02. 08. 2007 v 20:23.
Počet zobrazení: 60 (0).

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