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Backstreet Boys - The Perfect Fan - text písně

Texty písní » Backstreet Boys - The Perfect Fan

Backstreet Boys - stát se fanouškem

It takes a lot to know what is love
It's not the big things, but the little things
that can mean enough
a lot of prayers to get me through
and there is never a day that passes by
I don't think of you
you were always there for me
pushing me a guilding me
always to succeed

You showed me
when I was young just how to grow
You showe me
everything that I should know
You showed me
just how to walk without your hands
'cause Mom you always were
The perfect fan

God has been so good
Blessing me with a family
Who did all they could
and I'vee had many years of grace
and it flatters me when I see a smile on your face
I wanna thank you for what you've done
in hopes I can give back to you
and be the perfect son


You showed mw how to love
You showed me how to care
and you showed me that you would alway be there
I wanna thank you for that time
and I'm proud to say you're mine


'Cause Mom you always were, Mom you always were
Mom you always were, you know you always were
'Cause Mom you always were... the perfect fan

I love you Mom

Přidal: Ondra dne 20. 02. 2005 v 23:00.
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