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Azealia Banks & Rick Ross - Big Talk - text písně

Texty písní » Azealia Banks & Rick Ross - Big Talk

Azealia Banks - stát se fanouškem

Rick Ross - stát se fanouškem

Album: Slay-Z

Ya I know y'all seen that Playboy cover
Bring your sexy ass in here
All I know is that big talk
All I know is that big talk
All I know is that big talk
(Maybach Music)

All I know is that big talk
Gold rings, got gold buttons
Going up and down my sheep skin
We the wolf pack and it's a cold summer
Never deep, I keep one gunna
Say her name I might run up on ya
Send that text "I wanna touch ya girl"
If they don't fuck with us, well, it's fuck the world
Ice box for my princess
Got a double M on that pendant
And back in, I'm bout to spend that
Got a big bag and I been rich
We make love and she talk slick
G-Wagon, she a boss bitch
Major League in that boy pitch
Major League in that boy pitch
Mussolini when I'm out in Rome
Cleopatra, she dipped in gold
Pussy shot and she centerfold
Bel-Air and my mind blown
Rosé and I'm checking out like Caesar did
Slide down my sword
She a blasphemy cause she love The God
Pray you never let 'em come crucify the boy

Black magic, David Blaine flow
Colour money like a rainbow
Azealia Banks keep the bank rolls
Shine like illuminated Angels
Bad bitch, I'm bodacious
Black power but I'm no racist
Balling, I don't need no agent
In the Maybach feelin' so spacious
Focused on another hundred thou
Going up another level now
Nigga's wildin', better settle down
Got the Rollie diamonds in the bezel now
Take notes, get your pen and pencil
With Ricky Ross, we quintessential
Ain't nothing here incidental
We poppin' off on instrumentals
Slide off in the Rolls Royce
I'm slaying bitches in a grey mink
You can slide on it like escapades
This ice on me like a skating rink
Big talk, big bank
Pussy wetter than the Great Lakes
And for this life, I'mma give thanks
And pray they never gon' burn a witch at the stake

All I know is that big talk
All I know is that big talk
This conversation is rich talk, niggas
All I know is that big talk

Přidal: dne 28. 04. 2016 v 02:09.
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