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Ari Hest - Down The Mountain - text písně

Texty písní » Ari Hest - Down The Mountain

Ari Hest - stát se fanouškem

Down The Mountain

I pulled the move
You’ve seen before
So I know why
You chose to ignore
You know what I want
You know I’m just bored

Up near the top
All over again
Yet to you sometimes
I’m prone to descend
To see if you’re still
Willing to pretend, why

Cause I don’t know what
Yea I don’t know what
To do
To do about you
To do
To do about you so I fall down the mountain

Tumbling fast, out of control
Unable to think, straight as I roll
Focused on the raw, the raw physical
Bone crushing words
Mark my return
Licking my wounds
I feel the wind burn
Completely ashamed, I know
It’s not your concern
That I don’t know what
Yea I don’t know what
To do
To do about you
To do
To do about you so I fall down the mountain

Why, do you come to haunt me every night?
You haunt and make me a believer, a believer you do
And then it hits me like a dart
That we’re not done falling apart

We carry a torch
That can’t be put out
Searching for clues
And finding more doubt
I’ve known for it years,
And still done nothing about it
Yea I don’t know what
Yea I still don’t know what
To do

Přidal: semir11 dne 07. 03. 2011 v 11:54.
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