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Anathema - Judgement - text písně

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Anathema - stát se fanouškem

Asleep is the rose, in tired innocence... dreaming time away.
Secure in the comfort of slumbers faint embrace.
Blissfully ignorant, unaware of the imminence...
Recurring memories emerge from the deep... of old secrets unforgotten sleep.
They sink beneath the surface just long enough for you to breathe.
Then return to choke you when you wake up alone.
Shredded inside... there's one place left to turn.
A long-term problem, a temporary remedy,
but fuck it all anyway you can pretend to be happy.
So many years of pathetic lies,
empty promises and unfulfilled dreams are scattered like dust into the winds.
Looking for the sun that eclipsed behind black feathered wings.
Tomorrow never comes, there was only ever one day... but now it's too late.

The inequity of fate
The pains of love and hate
The heart-sick memories
That brought you to your knees

And the times when we were young
When life seemed so long
Now you are left alone
Where did it all go wrong
Day after day
You burned it all away
(and it's too late)

All the hate that feeds your needs
All the sickness you conceive
All the horror you create
Will bring you to your knees

Přidal: dne 07. 11. 2005 v 10:32.
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