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Anathema - Are You There? - text písně

Texty písní » Anathema - Are You There?

Anathema - stát se fanouškem

are you there?
(is it) wonderful to know
all the ghosts
all the ghosts
freak my selfish out
(my) mind is happy
need to learn to let it go
i know you'd do no harm to me

(but) since you've been gone I've been lost inside
tried and failed as we walked by the riverside
oh I wish you could see the love in her eyes
the best friend that eluded you lost in time
burned alive in the heat of a grieving mind
oh what can I say now?

and it couldn't be more wrong cos there's no one there
unmistekably lost and without a care
oh lost all the love that we could have shared
and it's wearing me down
and it's turning me round
and I can't find a way now
to find it out
where are you when I need you
are you there?

Přidal: Ondra dne 16. 03. 2006 v 22:33.
Počet zobrazení: 153 (0).

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