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Alysha - They Move In Silence - text písně

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Alysha - stát se fanouškem

Super Xikanoa
You step to me like you were someone ordained to judge
But it takes week people
To impose their will
And strong people
To respect, keep trucha, and chill
Your so consumed by self affirmation
That you carry this out through personal colonization
With a delusion of grandeur
You really believe for the cause
But your motives are distorted, twisted, and flawed
Chip on that shoulder, you're harder than though
No one knows what you know cuz your showing them how
But you don't mean no harm your intentions are good
But our gente are so hungry that your words are like food
Like the movie "Once were warriors"
Our foundation lacks strong roots
So if something appears like direction
Our gente will embrace with strong affection
And the person who declares the truth is stimulated by the attention
So beware of the partially blind leading the blind
I'm more indigenous than you!
I'm more revolutionary than you!
I'm more Cihuatl conscious than you!
Well fuck that!
Cuz we all got contradictions!
Smoking Mirror!
And beyond that
Real hard people, they move in silence
you know what I'm saying?
Real hard people, they move in silence
The red road is a humble one
The red road is a humble one

Přidal: dne 14. 12. 2007 v 20:42.
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