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Allure - Mama Said - text písně

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Allure - stát se fanouškem

Album: Allure

It was an early summer day
But it seems like just yesterday
When mama looked right in my face
And told me she was going away
If I could count all the tears that I crid
I'd be empty and lost inside
So I'll try to find a smile
And hold my head up high

Moma said
Don't cry
I'm going away Up high
Don't be afraid
Be strong
Just keep on holding on

Mama said
Don't cry
Dry all the tears
From your eyes
Don't be afraid
Be strong
Just keep on holding on

So young, but yet so wise
So much beauty was in her eyes
No one could quite explain
Just why she had to face the pain
But when the day comes and hits your time
Only God knows the reason why
She was my angel, my light, and my friend
But one day we'll be together again

But now that I know
She has gone away
Gone away, gone away
There were days when I wish that I could run away
Run away, run away
And if I could there would be another summer day
Summer day summer day
When I could see my mother's face again

Cause mama said
Don't cry
I'm goin away, way up high
Don't be afraid
Be strong
Just keep on holding on

Cause mama said
Baby don't ya cry
Just dry all the tears
From your eyese
Don't be afraid
Be strong
Just keep holding on

And on and on and on and on and on
Gone away, gone away , gone away
Run away, run away, run away
Summer day, summer day summer day
Will see my mother's face again

Přidal: Ornela dne 06. 06. 2011 v 12:04.
Počet zobrazení: 91 (0).

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