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Activate - Save Me - text písně

Texty písní » Activate - Save Me

Activate - stát se fanouškem

Save me, save me a place in your heart
Don't let us be apart
Oh, save me a place in your heart
In your heart

Save me a place in your heart
It's crazy, don't let us be apart
So far so good, would you take my love
All I need is the way to your heart
Your emotions make my soul confused
One is one, don't make me feel so used
In the heat of the night you trapped my soul
Feel the power, don't lose control
Get up into the rhythm, feel alright
You're the one for me, the only one tonight
My heart is pumping blood into my vein
Appearing on the floor come on once again once again
The bass keeps running through the place
This stuff is hot, this is my taste
Girl, I like your style, you're so really smart
Give me the key, the way to your heart

On with the program the heat is on
Time is running, where's a new song ?
Feel good at night step in your life
Fall in love deep, deep you through the night
Own a lonely heart you satisfied my soul
Cry for help, lose self control
Move your body, don't be so pride
I'm so sentimental, I need you by my side !
I say respect my love, feel vibration
Waiting for touch, sweet sensation
Feel is feeling, my heart is pumping
Slave to the music, the place is jumping
L.O.V.E. you really like to live
I want to make you happy, more love to give
Oh save me a place, don't be so hard
Give me the key, the way to your heart.

Přidal: dne 28. 07. 2009 v 19:02.
Počet zobrazení: 152 (0).

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