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Accept - Dogs On Leads - text písně

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Accept - stát se fanouškem

He stares at her, his teeth are bare
Blood gets hot, he wants it now
He wants it rare, but somethings there
That holds him back from the attack

Before the kill he feels the thrill
Something is there, that cools him off
And it seems some kind of tough
What a force on leads

They wait for you, they're getting big
But they can hide, their lust is huge
Some are nice, and some are false
And all they want is that you believe

That they are just like you and me
They're talking sweet, they're acting calm
They are so smooth, they're so nice
But if they could they would bite

Dogs on leads - dogs on leads
Dogs on leads - dogs on leads
Oh. it's so mean

No one knows that they're outrageous
As long as they are treated gracious
Once cut off they're getting wild
But someone's there, who leads the lead

And they can walk in a line
And they dance on a rein
Something's there that cools them off
But it seems some kind, some kind of tough


And the sweetest of the sweetest
Is a hunter held on leads
They're the nicest - they're the calmest
No one knows it - who's the beast

Don't you turn 'round, it's too dangerous
So you better catch the lead
If they're hungry, they might hurry
And you better feed the need


Oh Yeah !


Dogs - dogs on leads

Přidal: dne 30. 06. 2006 v 11:17.
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