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Abstract Essence - Lost Life (5:23) - text písně

Texty písní » Abstract Essence - Lost Life (5:23)

Abstract Essence - stát se fanouškem

LOST LIFE (5:23)

lyrics by Ondra Zbránek

I live in house for dying people

Next door stands old theatre

Which is closed

for too much long

as a time as I am alone

Beating the time by toutching memories

Reading forgotten script

Wrinkled face

Ripped curtain

No mark seen in the dirty crypt

I am the man

who´s never spoken a word,

who´s never breathed fresh air

I´m dust on old red chair

I am the man

who´s never seen the play,

who´s never tried to get there

I´m just running away

Chorus: No more play

I lost my way

to change my fate

which´s fucking grave

I can hope

But in blame

Only cry


Life has gone out of this place

Ghosts of past cover me

I am too old

My life is done

What can I do to stay alive

Looking trough the window every hour

Once a man now zombie

Woken up all night

She is my bride

I am almost resting in grave


No melody there in orchestra

Dark corners occupied by spiders

Just once say goodbye

to the old man and his pain

For the last time switch on the lights

For the last time give me a chance

Stuck up cruel fate for the last time

Stuck up cruel fate give me the chance

I didn´t do enything to feel better

Never did a right step

Didn´t feel love

Didnˇt feel hate

Expecting nothing waiting for death


Never hit me a storm

I lose my life

I lose my soul

Fate is a joker and I am a worm

Worm without privilage to existence

Better to smash me when

I was in womb

The fucked tomb

or kill me when I was in there

From the cradle to grave everything is blacked

Mountains of fear and shame

Lost life I have

Lost life I take

Six feet under is where I´ll stay

Přidal: Ondra dne 08. 05. 2007 v 04:54.
Počet zobrazení: 141 (1).

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