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Abigor - Satan's Galaxy - text písně

Texty písní » Abigor - Satan's Galaxy

Abigor - stát se fanouškem

What means imagination
If not the trigger
To pure hell?
The chaos nova of our vision Abigor
Closed the fissure of the night
After the mirror of the void was scared Satan's
By shapeless horns – Satan’s galaxy
Seeing through five triangular shapes GalaxySongtexte
We are so close to this dimension
As the center erects a spiral Songtext
Uniting us without bridges
We swim in a chalice of cataklysm Lyrics
The pentagrams dynamism
The chlorophyll of liquid dreams
Cloaks the lords of apocalypse Lyric
As the distortion in the tapestry shows me
What they cannot see Liedertexte
Reborn by the burial of syndrome
This pure flight of transparency Liedertext
Mutating into the new circle of power
I gave death to whom Alle
I gave death to me
An exchange of the links below Abigor
The geometry of madness fulfilled
I breed into new unzoned trance Satan's
United in parallel
Genetic eternities
By shapeless horns
Satan’s galaxy GalaxySongtexte

Přidal: helena dne 31. 05. 2008 v 00:11.
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