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Aaron Watson - If You're Not In Love - text písně

Texty písní » Aaron Watson - If You're Not In Love

Aaron Watson - stát se fanouškem

Well I'm trying not to panic
But I'm gettin' all romantic
Gettin' soft with everything I say and do
I'm talkin' hours on the phone
Puttin' on that sweet cologne
I'm even putting down the toilet seat for you

Oh wait a minute it gets worse
I found myself holding your purse
Waiting outside that bra and pantie store
My boss' wife walked by
She spotted me and told me hi
And I knew then
I was in for it for sure

Now all the boys down at the shop know
And they sure do find it funny
They say you've changed my ways
And that you're spending all my money


Honey if you're not in love
If you're not in love
If you're not in love
Oh if you're not in love...
Well I'm in a whole lot of trouble

I get this lump in my throat
I think I sold my boat
So I could buy that diamond ring for you
Now I'm hopin' and I'm wishin'
That since I can't go fishin'
You don't make me sell my golf clubs too

Now all the boys down at the shop know
And they laughed until I cried
I told them If I mess this up
My mamma's gonna tear my hide


I gave up that can of snuff
No more NASCAR on TV
Honey If that ain't enough
This may be the death of me

Přidal: Ondra dne 08. 06. 2009 v 16:43.
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