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Aaliyah - All Cried Out - text písně

Texty písní » Aaliyah - All Cried Out

Aaliyah - stát se fanouškem

1st Verse:
all alone on a sunday morning
outside I see the rain is falling
inside I´m slowly dying
but the rain will hide my crying crying crying
and you
don´t you know my tears will burn the pillow
set this place on fire ´cause I´m tired of your lies
all I needed was a simple hallo
but the traffic was so noisy
that you could not hear me cry

Chorus 1:
I-I gave you my love in vain
my body never knew such pleasure
my heart never knew such pain

and you-you leave me so confused
now I´m all cried out
over you

2nd Verse:
never wanted to see thing your way
had to go straight
...(oh I was I such a fool)??
Now I see the gras is greener
is it too late for me to find my way home
how could I be so wrong

leaving me all alone

don´t you know my tears will cause an infernal
romance,something ,faith
why should I be lonely
you are the one who (lef me waiting??)
apology not acceptet
and be(?)to my broken heart to collect it

I-I gave you all of me
how was I to know you would weaken so easily

I-I don´t know what to do
now I´m all cried out
over you

Chorus 1:
I-Igave you my love in vain...

Přidal: Ondra dne 28. 06. 2007 v 19:01.
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