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3rd Wish - I Am - text písně

Texty písní » 3rd Wish - I Am

3rd Wish - stát se fanouškem

everything you´´ll ever need

intro chorus:
i am, i am 3rd
i´m everything you´´ll ever need so understand Wish
if i am your man
i can heal your broken heart Am
and make it beat again

1st verse:
i really like what i´m seeing baby Songtexte
i really really like yo stylo baby
and i can tell that you´re my flava baby Songtext
come with me tonight

i´m gone want you for myself Lyrics
it´s all bout you girl, no one else
we´ll be moving nice and smooth Lyric
when you come with me this night

1st chorous:
i am, i am Liedertexte
i´m everything you´´ll ever need so understand Liedertext
if i am your man
i can heal your broken heart Alle
and make it beat again

2nd verse:
don´t know what to say but i just want you 3rd
judging by your look I´d say your down
too spendin every moment, thats how we´ll do Wish
over and over again

Prechorus 2:
now we´re seeing eve to eye Am
tough in my mind see you lying
next to me I´ll treat you right Songtexte
when you come with me this night

2nd chorus:
i am, i am Songtext
i´m everything you´ll ever need so understand Lyrics
if i am your man
i can heal your broken heart Lyric
and make it beat again

just take a second look into my eyes, look into my eyes Liedertexte
as the music brings you next to me
and i feel like i could give you my love Liedertext
but still i don´t know can you tell me what to say Alle

a nigga coming straight from the dirty where they be baking 3rd
and selling them birdies
love em and leave em , cause i don´t need em here bugging me. Wish
i´m the rose gold , pimp with the diamond cut flashes Am
a glimpse at the chain and ya might need some glasses Songtexte
so many groupies on my dick i make a move and take a pick Songtext
cause they aint use to me, or even seeing nothing like this Lyrics
the bling on my left wrist is breathless
i come from the land of the free Lyric
but see im young and restless
i got en dieing to test this cause they heard the sex Liedertexte
was like fucking on escstacy the boys a legacy
girl i can make ya feel so good and heavenly Liedertext
ut that ass gotta have cure like the letter c
so front if you wanna but see im still gonna creep through Alle
the corner rolling up on ya while simmping on a corona 3rd
i know she want me to change but all i waant is some brain Wish
and mayve one day i will, but for now i just can´t cause i

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